Every dollar you spend, is a political statement on the world you want to live in.

When I'm making a product purchase, I will often  research almost obsessively for the best in class; which to me means it should last longer than the competition, which ideally would be a single purchase for life. If there are competitive products that meet this requirement, I also look to see which one is the most local, and sustainable in its creation. I don't support planned obsolescence. As such, many friends and family often ask me when making a purchase on what I recommend. I've decided to start a list, so feel free to check back here as I will add new products as I do research.

Some products I have, or have had and recommend:

  • Herman Miller - Aeron Chair - By far the best office chair I have ever had. I have a friend who has had someone come to his house to fix/adjust his chair multiple times, for no extra charge.


Products on my want list: