QubesOS on an Intel NUC

1 minute read

I recently installed QubesOS 4.0 on an Intel NUC (model: nuc7i5bnh). It works fine, with one caveat. After you reboot the first time, everything just works. However, after first use & dom0/template upgrades, I attempted a reboot and realized EFI boot was not working. In order to resolve this, you manually will have to follow the steps at Boot device not recognized after installing. Note, every kernel or Xen update you do afterwards, you will manually have to go through this process again if you want your OS to boot without manual intervention.

For those who don't identify as a techy, QubesOS is one of the more secure operating systems out there, one of two I recommend -- the other being OpenBSD. Neither of these is easy to use. If you want to eventually get there, I recommend you try something like debian or Ubuntu in the interim, as they are a lot easier to learn yet have a slight learning curve. All of these operating systems replace osx or windows, and are fully free forever, and open source. If you feel like going down a rabbit hole regarding operating systems, check out distrowatch.com which follows all of the open source operating systems.



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