This post could land me in jail. Where is the political C-51 opposition?

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All it will take, if Bill C-51 passes, is for one of Canada's spies to convince any judge in the country that they agreed this post was an issue, and I could be thrown in jail. Is this the future we want for Canada's spy agency?

It's hard to be engaged with Canadian politics when you have one party willing to destroy the Charter of Rights & Freedoms, as well as privacy and civil liberty laws, and no party willing to stand up as their official opposition. It's worth recognizing Elizabeth May has come out against C-51. (Canada's sort of PATRIOT ACT, for my American friends)

If you're in Canada and willing to kowtow your freedoms to support the fear of terrorism based off a single incident of an drug addict, that says a lot about how much your freedom is worth protecting, to you. If we really wanted to curb terrorism, we would stop killing people in foreign countries in illegitimate wars, especially those over fossil fuels. If a foreign soldier was in your country killing people, and killed one of your loved ones, I don't think you'd think very highly of that country, for the rest of your life. What would you do if a foreign military was in your country without global consent, imposing their political and corporate agendas?

As a Canadian, do you know how many countries we have Canadians in right now, with authorized use of force? I want that to get to 0 unless UN sanctioned and we're in a peace keeping position. Did you know we're actively killing people in Iraq still?

As for Bills like C-51, they are intended to silence activists such as Idle No More, and Burnaby Mountain/Kinder Morgan. They can't prove they do a single thing to reducing terrorism. I'm all for making a safer country, but I've read most of the Bill (C-51), and it only increases the opportunities for abuse (find one judge in Canada who agrees with you, and you're set doing whatever you want, forever, with no real oversight after that).

I would vote for a single issue next election, electoral reform. It seems worth campaigning for a political landscape where we could vote for ideals, not political parties we dislike the least. I want my pre-Harper Canada back, where we're respected globally as a peaceful, polite, rational, peacekeeping nation.

If you've read Bill C-51 [Full Text], I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The Star: Weak-kneed opposition lets Conservative terror bill sail through.

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