Phone scammers pretending to be CRA

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In Canada, there is a popular phone scam where the caller will pretend to be the Customs and Revenue Agency (CRA -- Canada's version of the IRS). A few things to remember:

  1. All phone numbers can be spoofed now. Don't trust the caller ID.
  2. With tools like lyrebird, you can't trust the voice on the end of a phone call any longer.
  3. CRA uses registered mail, not phone or email.

The government of Canada set setup a page with the warning signs, and how to protect yourself, which also has a list of numbers you can call if you're a victim. Also note there is a Canadian do not call list you likely want to get yourself on, as if you're on this list, you have another organization you can complain to about these harassing calls. If you did receive a call that violated the Unsolicited telemarketing rules, here is the complaint form.

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