My list of subreddits

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If you're familiar with Reddit, you know it's based on sub-reddits, which are effectively communities with a shared interested. This is my list of subreddits, perhaps some of them will be of interest to you:

  • Canadian Startups - For those engaged in the Canadian startup scene.
  • Idea Validation - Do you have an idea you'd like validated by strangers?
  • Co-Founder Hunt - Are you ready to start a business if you only had a co-founder?
  • Makerspaces - Community spaces that welcome everyone, open standards, and Do-It-Yourself philosophies. Also known as Hackerspaces.
  • IdeaWave - Discussion around the world's affordable ideas conference, IdeaWave.
  • Master Debaters - Help each other master the art of debating.
  • Triple Entendres - My favourite thing on earth, can you think of a phrase with 3 different meanings?
  • New: Privacy Law - A forum to discuss privacy law in various countries and industries

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