Let’s start collecting data on Canada’s oligarchies

1 minute read

Last night at an ideas Vancouver meeting, Steven and I had an idea on how we could start collecting the data on what interactions are like with Canada's oligarchies. We're thinking initially ISPs, cell phone companies, and airlines.

Imagine you sign up for this oligarchy data collection website, and you agree it can record your transactions. The system would be setup with with something like Twilio to proxy and record the phone calls, and an email proxy to intercept email conversations, initially.

In a short order, the website could start to show statistics, like how long we really wait on hold for each of these services. In longer order, when you want to do something, like renew your cell phone plan, the website would know which services other customers have been offered, and how they got their in the phone tree. This service could streamline that for you, so you could click a link, "Renew Telus mobile" and it would dial the number, and enter all of the necessary numbers with pauses to get you to a person/renewal the fastest.
You could also click in app if you think something was a lie or falsehood, and it could now be referenced.

It's not a technical problem to create this website, it just needs the financing to get off the ground. Maybe this is something that GenSqueeze or OpenMedia might be interested in, or we could crowdsource it and see what happens?

What else could we do with such a website? Would you be interested in participating?

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