IdeaWave 2012

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We're less than a week away from IdeaWave, a conference that features 50 talks over 2 days, 10 minutes each. We're still actively looking for great ideas, so if you have one, this is your chance. I'm often askied about the process, so here it is:

  • Submit your idea (200 words max, should take you less than 10 minutes to write
  • It goes to our board of advisors, a diverse team who are looking for two things:
  • How unique is the idea?
  • How engaging is the idea? 
  • Basically, if the reviewer thinks, "I don't want to miss this talk!", they'll approve it. Once 4/5 reviewers approve a talk, you're notified via email.
  • Your talk is then posted on the website.
  • At the conference you will be allocated a 10 minute slot to present your idea, and you will be given a badge to attend the rest of the conference. 
  • All of the talks are recorded and later placed online, so you can show it to your friends, family and potential employers. A great self-marketing tool!

So my challenge to you when you read this, is to submit a talk in the next 24 hours! For less than 30 minutes of work, you can be presenting at one of the top 22 festivals in Canada!

The submissions process is open until you see 50 speakers listed on the speaker's page. If your talk is accepted, you will receive a free pass to attend the entire week-end! 

If you find yourself short of ideas, but don't want to miss this opportunity, there are still tickets available as of writing this for less than $100 for the entire week-end. 


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