Hidden Rules Among Class

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Today I saw an image on the internet that really resonated:

After a little research I discovered it is from A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Dr Ruby Payne.

Image of hidden rules, html table below

I intend to add to the graph below which I’ve made HTML, links so that we can research each of these in more depth:

  Poverty Middle Class Wealthy
Money To be spent To be managed To be invested
Personality Sense of humour Achievement Connections
Social Emphasis Inclusion Self-sufficiency Exclusion
Food Quantity Quality Presentation
Time In the moment Against future Tradition
Education Abstract Success and Money Maintaining connections
Language Casual Register Formal – negotiation Formal – networking
Family structure Matriarchal Patriarchal Who has money
Driving Forces Relationships Achievement Financial, social
Destiny Fate, can’t Choice Expectations

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