Help me drive a tractor!

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As you know, I often get involved in strange projects or have odd goals; my latest is to drive a tractor, specifically a backhoe loader.

backhoe loader



It will require two steps

  • Someone showing me how to drive a tractor
  • Someone willing to lend me a tractor for an hour downtown

It sounds silly, but as I watched a guy driving his tractor downtown I really have an urge to do that. I want to drive it south down Douglas until at least Broughton, and then drive it back up Blanshard.



Tractor route

How can you help? If you know someone with a backhoe loader, introduce me! Thanks in advance!

2013 update: As I haven't pursued this to the maximum extent possible, as have travelled for most of the last 3 years, I open this goal up to any city I happen to be in -- I simply want to drive a backhoe loader through the downtown core of a city.


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