Happy Solstice and Self-Care Week!

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For a couple of years, there was a lot of propaganda about the war on Christmas, that still resonates with me. It makes me wonder about anyone who made such an argument, as it means they don't study history and so likely shouldn't be trusted.

Modern Christmas is a crossover of the Christian attempt to take over the pagan solstice, and mixed with the capitalism funded by Coca-Cola. One of the most popular articles on this blog is that Christmas originally comes from a mushroom.

What I've observed in modern Christmas, the idea of celebrating Jesus' birthday (on a day known to not be his birthday) is by buying things, showing your capitalist allegiance, and that behaviour instigates depression in many, if not most, who are forced to endure this "holiday".

This week, I spent most of the week offering people a "Happy self-care week" and that seems to be really well received. I decided to stop the toxic co-dependant narrative that there's a war on Christmas -- there's a war on prioritizing on yourself, and those that you love.

If someone is arguing you should say Merry Christmas, ask them if they're aware how the pagans were forced to celebrate Christmas even 130 years ago, and only within 3 generations we seem to think this is a "tradition" but it was brutally enforced and should not be celebrated unless you support totalitarianism.

If you love Christmas, it brings your family legitimately together and not enforced, and you're happy with your internal dialogue this year, go ahead and keep celebrating. No one is stopping you, and that's what's important. Christmas was created end enforced to stop the pagans from celebrating Solstice, and that's the notable difference. The only war on Christmas was creating it.

What I hope we can all agree on, is at the end of a year, as we enter a reflective state, we're encouraged to prioritize on self care. We can take a day or two, but I suggest it's best to suggest we take a week to do this in any way we find might work for us.

It's also a good reminder to be aware of what your friends and family celebrate, or if they do. It's quite possible it's overly traumatic and they'd rather not celebrate even if they are believers. Do you know what their preference is, are you assuming, or are they putting on a front for your convenience?

Happy solstice, and self-care week.

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