Dream to DJ

I'm fortunate to know some really amazing DJs that live here in Victoria, BC.

To name a few:

  • Neil of Gulf (Saltspring) Island Breweries fame
  • David P (most recently of Cover Me Canada fame as a guitarist for Georgia Murray)
  • Manj of MicroBongo Sound System fame
  • Mike S of Beatboard fame
I've now seen them all play, as well as had the opportunity to try some of their equipment, and even been given some impromptu lessons. Enough of a teaser that makes me want to actually give it a whirl. As such, I have a goal of DJing in front of a +500 person crowd. Why such a large crowd? The thought and pressure frightens me, and I find when you challenge yourself in such a way, exciting new and not-yet-thought-of rewards and opportunities arise.
This page will be used for the planning process. I'm thinking right now it would be great to make this a bigger event, where each of the people mentioned above would participate as well.
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  • David P agreed to help make this happen.