I figure if I set some goals for myself, and make them public, I'll feel even more of an obligation to make them happen.

If you can help me achieve any of them, don't hesitate to contact me! If I can help you achieve your goals, also let me know!


  • Find another gallery that will host the community experience
    UPDATE: Was offered space at a gallery in another city only to discover my hardware was accidentally disposed of :(
  • Get a Canadian boaters licence Done!
  • DJ in front of +500 people
  • Achieve level 7 of French on Duolingo Passed level 10!


  • Rebuild a new and improved community experience (2016)
  • Visit a new country
  • Obtain 4 new certifications in diverse topics
  • Average less than 7 minutes on level 4 of Android Sudoku app
  • Beat level 4 of Android Chess app
  • Achieve level 15 of French on Duolingo
  • Meditate for one 3 hour period(2016)


  • Obtain 4 new certifications in diverse topics (EDIT: Obtained Free miners certificate, 3 more)
  • Beat level 9 of white and black in Android Go (Free) app.


  • Pilot's licence
  • Real Estate Licence