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I've written years ago about free online university courses, there's no limit today on what you can learn other than what time you're willing to put into it. Today with the announcement that Germany is offering tuition to all Canadian students, it's time to start a global list of places Canada's can go for a free post-secondary education, and it doesn't seem to be in Canada.

  • Germany
  • Nordic nations Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (PhD free for Denmark & Sweden)
  • Finland. Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students will be introduced in autumn 2017 onwards for English-taught Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes. Doctoral level studies will remain free of tuition fees.

Low cost options:

  • France (~$350 CAD/year)
  • Argentina (small fee)
  • Austria (~$500 CAD/year)
  • India (under $5k CAD/year including accommodation)
  • Taiwan (under $2k CAD/year)
  • Czech Republic (~$1500 CAD/year)
  • Belgium (under $1000 CAD/year)
  • Italy (~$1000 CAD/year for public universities)
  • Spain (under $2000 CAD/year for public universities)

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