Founders Coffee

When I moved to Vancouver 5 years ago, I started to check out the various options that help with growth and mentorship in the startup community, including accelerators, and incubators, but couldn't find one that resonated with me. No one running these various groups had done anything successful themselves in the last +5 years, and none of the businesses coming out of them had any notable success to report. The organizations doing the advising themselves were pivoting every year or two, trying to find a business model that worked for them.

As a result, I started Founders Coffee. It's a curated group of startup founders, who meet every week. Most of us are serial entrepreneurs, and at a basic level, a mastermind like event -- where it's a safe space to state where your business is stuck at any moment, as we're always stuck somewhere, and the rest of the group offers solutions, ideas, or introductions to help you get over any speed bump currently in your way.

On top of meeting weekly, many of us have started new business partnerships together, and we've helped startups at all levels.

We automatically help new entrepreneurs build out their cap(italization) table, draft contracts -- anything needed from from starting a company, to mediation during co-founder battles.

If you look at developing a cap table alone, this could easily go over $1500 to have a lawyer draft one, and they're just using templates, they don't have the lived experience our group has. We usually start new members with drafting one during their first month, as it helps answer several unanswered questions.

For most of our members, we're mostly head down focused on our businesses. We've collectively raised millions of dollars, some of our members have had notable exits, and most importantly over the years we've built strong relationships with the intention of mutual growth.

All of this to be said, we've had people ask to join before, but until now it's been exclusive and invite only; we have decided to open the door for the first time ever. We will be accepting both funded startups, as well as providing grant seats to those that are pre-funded but willing to commit to a year of joining us. People of all ages, genders, and ethnicity encouraged to apply.

If you are approved, you'll receive an email back within a week, only then should you proceed to make payment below. Thanks for applying!