Facebook Debates

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For those who think they're good at debating, I challenge you to sign up for my 24 hour debate challenge. If you agree, I will partner you with someone else who is willing to debate. I will privately let you know of your position in the debate over the next 24 hours, and it's likely I will pick something you oppose.

The rules for debaters:
Avoid personal or ad hominem attacks, stick to refuting the central point of the argument.
Try to avoid logical fallacies
The debate will last 24 hours from when I start the thread.

The rules for others:
Please don't comment on the thread, if you like a comment, "like it".
Whichever comment gets the most likes within 24 hours, that person wins the debate.

Remember: This person doesn't likely believe their stance, I've told them what their stance is for this debate.

Debate 1: Overpopulation
Debate 2: Socialism

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