Device-As-A-Service (DaaS)

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I propose a vendor (Let's call this DaaSVendor for today) that prioritizes on minimizing planned obsolesce through modular computing -- a device-as-a-service (DaaS).

From a user perspective, this would be a monthly service where you pay for your hardware and software. The software side is all of your data, which is encrypted and decentralized. You can go to any store, take out a new computer at your membership level, then using your identity token, your data will be pulled down to the device as needed.

If your computer breaks, has an issue, or you're travelling and don't want to bring your device, simply return your current device to the store and take out a new one there, or wait until you get to your new destination and take out your new computer there. Just like one chooses how fast you want your internet, one would choose how powerful they need their device (phone, laptop, or tablet). For example, a gamer would want a powerful GPU where most non-gamers don't. When you're done with that device for whatever reason, push a button and all of your data is removed from the device instantly, before you return it.

Let's use the travel example -- if carrying your laptop, you have to take it out of your bag, then out of the laptop case, slowing everything down to have it individually tested on the scanner. You may also have your work intellectual property data on it, which might be a concern, especially for international travel. Imagine you live in Vancouver. Imagine you could leave your laptop at home, fly in to Seattle's Sea-TAC, pick up a new laptop at your destination hotel or AirBnB, and once authenticated, your necessary files are brought down securely over the internet to that device.

DaaSVendor is motivated to ensure stable and modular hardware to minimize costs of transition and upgrades.


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