We’re hiring!

All jobs, gigs, and/or contracts are remote, and you can work on your own fleixble hours. All ages, genders, and ethnicity encouraged to apply. Everything we do is open source.

Token Ocean – A white label bitcoin (liquid) NFT marketplace provider for brands – apply at [email protected]

  • Full-Stack developer: You’re a full stack developer familiar with Sveltekit and will be working with this tech stack
  • Front end developer/designer with sveltekit experience
  • Operations manager: with large corporation experience (project management, customer facing including publicly traded companies and billion dollar privately held companies)
  • Landing Page/Lead Generation/SEO/SEM consultant (5-10 hours a week)

IDVPN – A privacy centric identity and compliance platform working towards being open source and decentralized – apply at [email protected]

  • Full stack developer: You’re deeply familiar with Javascript and interested in privacy, decentralized identity, and startups, please reach out with your experience.