Professionals I'm looking for currently:

  • Volunteer Researcher. Someone who loves documentation, policy, and research. Volunteer member of management team for charity; national research think tank on information and privacy. Looking for 5 hours/month minimum commitment for 24 months. email [email protected]
  • Wordpress Theme Builder. Please email your portfolio and rates. [email protected]
  • Junior Graphic Designer. Document layout, logos, Wordpress website layout. Please email experience/portfolio if you have any yet, and rates. Happy to provide a space for you to build a portfolio. [email protected]
  • Junior Information Security Consultant. Field experience not necessary, but must be ready to work on threat modelling, vulnerability assessments, and/or pen testing. [email protected]
  • Privacy Law Consultant. Mostly Canadian and American companies. [email protected]
  • MVP Sales Consultant. Someone with proven, repeatable experience on finding first 10 customers for a working product. [email protected]
  • Laravel/VueJS developer and co-founder for team decision making SaaS startup. Equity based. [email protected]
  • Mentor. Someone with proven, repeatable experience creating companies with 1mm/ARR. [email protected]