Hackathon at an AT&T Long Line Bunker

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Are you interested in an in-person visit to a +11,000 sq ft cold-war era AT&T Long Line bunker with +200 foot high communications tower? Would you be willing to pay $500 to participate in a full week hackathon hosted onsite at the bunker, or $200 just for the final week-end party after the hackathon? With your support, I will buy this bunker and organize an awesome annual event, as well as open up all sort of possibilities for other uses of this unique site. 

If I buy this bunker, I will organize a week long hackathon in upstate NY next summer. I will create a wiki, and we will collectively plan out various projects to work on. A few ideas:

  • HAM Radio contesting (There's a +200foot communications tower ion the property!)
  • All grain brewing (making beer from scratch)
  • Quad-copter contest
  • Hardware hacking 
  • Software development
  • There is a +200kW generator, perhaps try and get it going? What could we do with it for a week?

Also check out toorcamp for ideas, an example of how awesome camping and hacking can be together!

My proposed options to show your support: 

  • If you can't make it out to the site next year, and just want to show support for the project, I'll send you a custom t-shirt $50
  • If you're not interested in the hackathon, but just an epic week-end long party with campsite - $200
  • You'll join us for the entire week hackathon, and the week-end long party with campsite - $500
  • You're sold on the idea, and want to go the next two years in a row (good for 2013 and 2014) - $750
  • Not only do you get one full pass for the event next year including party, you also can pick one other 7 days period next year, where you will get full access to the bunker! - $1000

I'm going to buy the bunker if there's enough interest and financial contributions over the next 48 hours. If I don't end up buying the property, I'll provide you a complete refund. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this campaign a success, please contact me. I'll likely be updating this page as I get questions or suggestions, so please check back often. 

I'm ready to Build, Camp, & Hack in an AT&T Long Line Bunker:


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