Due Dili

I’m excited to announce a massive partnership service offering to help freshly funded startups.

thing I’ve observed after almost 15 years in running companies, is that
the most help you get from accelerators and incubators is typically
mentorship or advice, but there are a lot of things that should be
audited, and operationally there are likely many gaps.

We’re now
offering a boutique service for startups that have just raised at least 6
figures. We start with an audit of your company, to see where the gaps
are. And when I say audit, consider us a due diligence package on

  • Design (from the former director of design of one of the top design firms in the tech industry today)
  • Privacy law compliance (from one of the first international trainers for the world’s top privacy certification organizations)
  • Security audit (from the former global security expert of the largest company in Canada)
  • Accounting/Books (from a CPA who’s worked at the big 4 auditing firms, and exposure to over 40 successful capital raises)
  • Operations & Process (from a process expert at one of the top 5 companies on earth right now)

As you can see, we’re bringing our A game to help you with your A game.

a boutique service provider that wants you as a startup to focus on
your line of business, not trying to become an expert in our services.

Contact us to begin an engagement today, as we beta test this service. You will get a comprehensive audit report as a deliverable, covering each of these areas.