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I was asked again yesterday if I believe in astrology, and I said no, as a science based person I believe in astronomy. I got the go-to response of “Don’t you believe the moon impacts the tides then?” and I replied,

“The moon does impact the tides, that’s science that astrologists attached to – to justify their beliefs”

Asing me if I believe in astrology is like asking me if I believe in God or Muhammad. I appreciate people like to believe in them and it makes them feel comfortable, but I don’t believe in things that have been invented with no basis on science.

In astrology’s case, it’s pretty well established astrology is actually fake, it’s been studied for many decades. There’s a wikipedia page dedicated to astrology and science if you want to read more on the topic.

If you believe in astrology, God, or Muhammad, or anything else else that your experience tells you is true but others question if it’s real, I encourage you to make it through the testing phase of the scientific method , using a double blind test , and I’d love to hear your results!

My friend Françoise commented, “Do you believe in astrology” is just a dead end question. A better question would be “Do you enjoy astrology?” “Has astrology been useful for you?” “Do you identify much with your astrological sign”… etc. “ “Agreed!” I replied, “ If it makes you happy, or contented, that’s great.”

No one should be expected or pressured to believe what you believe, that’s codependency. The only other line that concerns me is when your personal decisions impact others, such as religious dogmatists or anti-vaxxers.

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