A Free One Day In-Kind Website

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As you may know, about 8 years ago I started One Day Website for my friends who either don't want to figure out how to register a domain, setup web hosting, install and configure Wordpress -- or for those that do know how, they don't want all of the invasive third party privacy trackers that come from the popular free/cheap hosting services out there.

As you also may know, I have helped and advised a lot of entrepreneurs and startups over the years, as I love helping people. This article is for those that even the $299 CAD fee of One Day Website is too much for you right now. What if someone could or would give you a break to launch that business you've been thinking about? Well, your time might be now. I'm offering to provide you the entire One Day Website package for free, what I ask for in exchange is double the rate, but in-kind for your product or service, whatever it is.

I have no limits on subject matter, but if you want to start your own graphic design business, Marie Kondo-esque cleaning service, coaching, meal prep, whatever has been on your mind -- if you'll offer me $598 worth of your services in exchange, I'll setup all of the tech framework needed to have your website running within one business day, and hosting for a year. If I don't want or can't use your product or service, I'll find someone else who can use it.

Email [email protected] if you're interested, no judgement as to why you can't afford to pay right now, we all need a break some times. Please don't email me if you're not ready to commit and dedicate the next year of your life, your free time, to getting this new business off the ground. If you are, please use "in-kind request" in the subject line and let's get your new business website running in one day.

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