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The intention of this group is to curate a group of critical thinkers who collectively will help us improve collective consciousness. We will start in digital space, and opportunities will exist to congregate in physical space once per quarter.

Here are the steps of how I propose it will get started. Please provide me any feedback that prevents you from signing up as a contributor.

I'm validating my idea by having 20 people sign up at $10/week, to be a member of this curated meta sherpaing of infinite curious topics. This is a financial commitment from you to support my idea, but you need to have skin in the game to participate other than being someone I find as interesting. This will take a lot of my time to curate, and this financial incentive will justify it. If I don't have 20 subscribers by November 1st, 2019, you will get a full refund yet will have had 4 topics curated per month in the interim. The four initial inquiries:

  • Assuming we're in a simulation, what next?
  • What makes universal basic income feasible in a country?
  • What's one thing everyone on the planet should learn, to benefit all of humanity?
  • Is privacy dead?

Once a week, I will post out a topic to the group, of something I find interesting like the subjects above. Once a member, please provide me feedback on inquiries you would like me to iterate from. What I want from you, if you're interested in the topic of that week, is to propose the output, such as what questions I might ask to further deepen the inquiry, and of who. For the next week I will take this new output from you, and use it as input to dig a little deeper on the topic, going through multiple iterations per week. This recursive reification will happen once a week on a new topic, with the intention of ending a week with a hypothesis.

Once I have 20 subscribers, I will setup a mini voting site for members, where you can propose topics in a more automated fashion, and others can up vote or down vote them. Each week, I will pick the highest voted topic, and go through the recursive reification process once again, throughout that week.

Once I have 100 members, I will begin to curate online conversations, as well as a quarterly physical meeting. The online conversations are intended to be free, where I will bring in subject matter experts to facilitate, on the chosen topic of that session. I will also then begin to curate a quarterly week-end retreat in meat space, where for a fee I will arrange food, lodging, and experts to do a deep dive into the most popular topics of that quarter.

At this stage I will also create a forum for ideas on how to improve the collective consciousness of the group.

That's it for now. Please provide me any feedback you have, or commit right now and join the group! When you sign up, you will not be billed for the first month, but after that, you will automatically be charged $40 CAD/month (around $30 USD as of writing this).